How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

We are all aware that plastic bottles are environmental hazards if not properly disposed. There are over 1 billion plastic bottles that are produced everytime, and 2/3 of these are thrown into landfills. This means that we have to do our part to save mother earth by means of recycling. In this article, we will try to explore some ways that we can re-use and recycle plastic bottles for the benefit of our environment.

Recycling Options:
As much as possible, plastic bottles must be properly disposed and recycled. Why is this so? Can’t we just throw them around and let nature do its job? Unfortunately, our environment cannot naturally dispose them. Plastics are so hard to decompose that if you leave one bottle on the ground, it will stay there for many years! Aside from that, if plastic is burned the fumes can harm our respiratory system and can damage our ozone layer. So how can we safely put away plastic bottles then? Here are some helpful ways that you can consider:

1. Re-use as water container – bear in mind that plastic bottles are not designed to be re-used to put water for human consumption. So instead of throwing them, why not make use of these containers and fill them up with water for toilet use. A liter of plastic bottle filled with water is more than enough to be used for flushing. Moreover, you are saving water in the process. So expect that you’ll be paying less on your water bills if you’re going to do this.

2. Makeshift pots – if you’re fond of gardening and growing plants, why not make use of these plastic bottles and turn them into pots? It will be a great idea for growing new plants in it. And once the plants will grow, you can transfer them to you garden and re-use the plastic pots to grow another set of plants.

3. Decor piece – if you have an artistic hand and you know a little bit of art, why not do an art piece with the plastic bottle as your medium of choice? Just let your imagination run wild and paint on the bottle’s surface. Or if you know a little bit of carving then how about making a tree out of the plastic bottle? Just cut out the bottle, pattern your design, and carve each and every detail of the tree from the stems down to the smallest leaves. You’re not only making a productive hobby. but you can sell you art piece and make profit out of garbage.

4. Solar light – are you tired of staying inside a dim light room, but doesn’t want to turn on the light because you want to conserve energy? Here’s an idea you be interested in. How about making a solar light with the use of the recycle plastic bottle? First thing that you have to do is make a hole on your roof, just enough for the bottle to fill in. Then fill the plastic bottle with water and 1-2 table spoons of bleach and place it on the hole in the roof. With the use of roof sealant, cover the in-betweens of the roof and the bottle. The light works when the sun light passes through the bottle. The bleach molecules will act a fluorescent making the light even spread in the entire room.

5. Old fashion recycling process – If there are more bottles in your house that you cannot use, look in the internet for any recycling programs in your community. You can inform then that you want your plastic bottles to be recycled and they will be more than happy to help you.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, there are still many ways on how to re-use and recycle plastic bottles. All you need is a little bit of ingenuity and the utmost concern for the environment and you’ll be helping to save mother earth even in your own little way.

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