Recycle Plastic Bins Manufacturer – To Save Planet Earth

Plastic which is considered as one of the wonderful inventions has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Plastic waste plays a major role major in polluting the soil and water environment. As the hazards plastics pose are numerous it has to be properly recycled. Plastic recycling involves a series of process of treating and reprocessing the used plastic into a new useable form. All the recyclable waste should be disposed off in a proper manner. Recycle plastic bins help in the collection of recycling waste before they are sent to the recycling centers. Recycling becomes much easier if the right type of bins are used. EPD plastic industries is a Malaysian based recycle plastic company which engages itself in the manufacture of recycle plastic bins, recycle plastic bags and recycle plastic bottles.

Besides being an expert in plastic waste processing the company also educates the people on how to manage and minimize these environmental hazards. These experts conduct seminars and consultations to educate the public to keep the environment safe from these harmful plastics. Moreover they assure that they deliver only useable recycle plastic bins that are totally free from hazardous elements.

Recycle plastic bins are available in different sizes, colors and prices to meet the various requirements and needs. They are desigened in such a way that they enable you to maintain your recyclable items in an organized and pest-free manner. For the purpose of collection of polythene waste they operate a modern fleet of transport throughout Malaysia. Besides this service they offer technical professional advice regarding the inspection of polythene waste and technical training in this regard.

Approximately 70% of the trash that is dumped in the recycle bins are actually recyclable in nature. Usage of recycle plastic bins that are created specially to serve this purpose can make recycling work easier and more effective. Separate recycle plastic bins are also manufactured to collect paper, tin, glass or aluminium. Generally these recycle plastic bins are identified by the slogans that are imprinted on them. These slogans usually promote the importance of recycling. Bins can also be differentiated by their colors. Basically blue bins denote plastics and metals and green or red symbolizes paper. Multi-colored recycle bins enable quick separation of waste materials.

Usage of plastic recycle bins at various places assures proper segregation of recyclables from non-recyclable materials. It also affords easy collection of waste as people are motivated and educated to dispose waste in the recycle bins properly. This ensures that the waste thus collected and separated are recycled effectively for a pollution free planet. They recycle bins designed by EPD are made of durable and light weight plastic with a small hinged opening for depositing trash and a bigger hinged opening for emptying it. Remember recycling plastic bins is an excellent way to save our planet earth.

EPD has established itself as an undisputable leader in the field of polythene recycling, manufacturer of recycle plastic bins, recycle plastic bottles and recycle plastic bags and implementation of waste collection projects. However let us make it a practice to be more environmentally conscious and alert by following the three ‘R’s’- recycle, reduce and reuse and save Mother Earth.

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