In the current polymer industry, there are more than fifty different groups of plastics with hundreds of different varieties and application; most of the varieties are recyclable – subject to their levels of contamination...
Recycling polythene products are becoming more and more important in nowadays industrial environment. Research show strong evidences that increasing the use of recycled products has greater advantage on the society...
As a leading polythene recycling manufacturer and plastics waste collector in Malaysia, we recognize our social responsibility to implement with due concern for the environment we live. We are committed to the following tasks...


EPD is an established recycle plastic manufacturer and a consultant for polythene waste , which have involved in the collection of polythene waste for more than a ten years. EPD continues to be an acknowledged waste strategy provider for both domestic industry as well as foreign companies due to the fact that there is consistent improvement in our products and provides efficient services required in the recycling plastic industries. As one of the best polythene waste manufacturers, EPD makes sure that we build the best machines to improve development and manufacturing. We have been explored to improve the company's manufacturing efficiency with utmost consideration to environmental laws and conservation efforts. In simple terms, we are speciaizes in recycle plastic bags, recycle plastic bottles and other waste.

EPD has always been a warrior for the environment. Even with the company's growth and development in polythene waste manufacturing, they have embodied the notion that the environment always goes first and never will it sacrifice the welfare of the environment to develop its company. Its policy is always in accordance to the latest environmental laws of the nation. This assures the success of the company not only for the company but also for the environment. They are able to reduce waste by making use of recycle plastic bottles. With this one product alone, it will be able to reduce a city's total waste by 5%. With its constant technological development, recycling efficiency has gone up in significant numbers.


EPD is a recycle plastic company of conscience and care for the environment. Not only have we reduced the waste based on the materials they process, but also educate the nation on how to manage their waste responsible so that to minimize the harm that it causes. The company mainly processes all your recyclable plastic waste products at home, at school, and other business establishments to produce recycling of various polythene materials i.e. HDPE,LDPE, and PP. The company also provides many types of film products for construction materials. The best payback that the community gives back is the education it provides. As an expert on waste processing, the company hands out seminars and consultation about proper waste management. We will teach you how simple recycle waste bins works well to keep our environment safe from harmful waste like plastic bottles and other related plastic products.


We from the EPD will continue to build the best ways and means to process polythene waste products from all sources. We, EPD as a plastic recycling company, will not stop doing research and development to push technology and create better machineries in our quest to increase efficiency of our manufacturing capabilities. We form the EPD guarantees utmost care for the environment coupled with the fact that our policies follow environmental laws of this nation and internationally. We ensure that every waste plastic product delivered in our plants come out as usable materials and free of any hazardous elements. We ensure the public to serve them by producing the best quality polythene recycled products and promote the conservation of our environment through relevant education about waste management and the likes.