EPD is an established recycle plastic manufacturer and a consultant for polythene waste , which have involved in the collection of polythene waste for more than a ten years. EPD continues to be an acknowledged waste strategy provider...
Recycling polythene products are becoming more and more important in nowadays industrial environment. Research show strong evidences that increasing the use of recycled products has greater advantage on the society...
As a leading polythene recycling manufacturer and plastics waste collector in Malaysia, we recognize our social responsibility to implement with due concern for the environment we live. We are committed to the following tasks...


Recycling polythene and plastic products are becoming more and more important in nowadays industrial environment. Research show strong evidences that increasing the use of recycled plastic products has greater advantage on the society. Furthermore, it has positive contribution to the economic benefit as well as environmental benefit.

  1. Energy consumption will be reduced two thirds with the introduction of efficient and state – of – art recycling technology.
  2. Approximately 90% of the water usage will be reduced during the process.
  3. Only one – third of the sulphur dioxide and half of the nitrous oxide will be produced as compared to the virgin polythene products.
  4. Estimated figures of 80% of oil are saved for every tonne of recycled polythene being produced.
  5. The rate of oil exploration activities will be reduced hence, bringing positive development to the natural resources, ocean, forest and etc.

EPD is one the reputable leader in the field of polythene recycling. With the adoption of latest recycling technology, together with the introduction of waste collection schemes. We are confidence to become one of the largest recycler in Malaysia with the ability to recycle in excess of 5,000 tonnes per annum.


Our in house state – of – art machinery and efficient Research & Development skill has been developed to gain maximum utilization from the waste materials supplied to us. Hence, it ensures highest products yield as well as economic benefit leading to the minimization of detrimental effect toward our environment. Due to these, we are proud to announce and committed to all our customers.


Up to 90% of the wastes are generally categorized as low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and polypropylene. These involved in the form of stretch film, shrink film, construction film, barrier film, various types of plastics packaging products. All these are accepted in tubing, bag forms and etc. The factor which usually affected the value of the waste are usually: degree of moisture content, degree of contamination, printing coverage area on the materials, color of the materials, foreign object on the materials for e.g. masking tape, glue, adhesives. All the above mentioned will be carefully segregated and arranged during our in house processes with the used of our latest technology.